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Lazlo's Corner

I thought I'd use this week's column to spotlight some shows/movies that, much like most of the music I play, may be flying under the radar of the mainstream.

APOLLO 10½: A SPACE AGE CHILDHOOD (Netflix): I have long been a fan of Richard Linklater's films, since I first saw Slacker some 30 years ago. Except for a few forays into the mainstream, probably most notable would be directing School Of Rock, his films generally find more of a niche audience (Dazed & Confused, Boyhood, The Before Trilogy). The one thing most of his films have in common is a sense of nostalgia, and his latest may be his deepest foray into it. While in the opening minutes it sets up a premise of a child being chosen by NASA to go on the first moon landing mission in the late 60's, before Apollo 11, because they built the pod the wrong size, that story is a very minimal part of the movie. Most of the movie is a nostalgic trip through growing up in the late 60's in Texas with the space race happening. This, like most of the things I am recommending in Lazlo's Corner this week, is probably not for everyone's taste. I don't think this is among the best films Richard Linklater has done, but I did find it highly enjoyable.

BIG BUG (Netflix): Like Richard Linklater, Jean-Pierre Jeunet is a director whose films I am always excited to see, and whose hit to miss ratio is far more hit than miss. His latest, filmed during the pandemic, is a satire of a group of people stuck in a household during an android uprising. Don't expect a lot of big special effects scenes, this is not that type of film. It is more about the absurdities of humanity. I am probably not doing this film justice in describing it, but if you've seen other films by Jean-Pierre Jeunet then you know his films are not easily describable and have an air of whimsy to them.

OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH (HBOMax): I already talked about this series on Twitter (@BlowUpRadio), but let me reiterate the first 2 episodes of this series di not do much for me, but I am glad I stuck with it. By the end of the 3rd episode I could see the series starting to spark, and by the end of the season this comedic pirate series was really firing on all cylinders, maybe none more so than being quite emotional, something I did not expect from this series. Really hoping HBOMax is smart enough to give this a second season.

AMERICAN AUTO (NBC): Speaking of second seasons, American Auto better get renewed for a second season. It was, in my opinion, the funniest new series on network TV this year, and one of the funniest shows on TV this year, but never really seemed to catch on with a larger audience. It is now streaming on NBC's website, as well as Hulu and Peacock, so give the show a chance. Episode 6 in particular, where they reshoot a commercial for the automobile company to try to be more inclusive was hysterical, mostly because it felt completely real, like I am certain this actually happened in real life.

I am sure I could come up with more movies and series to recommend, but 4 is a good start.

Let me know if you like this and would like to see me do more of this here or directly on

And if there is a show or movie that is flying below the radar you want to recommend, please do. I am sure there is good programming I am not aware of.



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

Defecting Grey - "Radios On" from "Arc"
Worst Sumo - "New Dance of the Week" from "Ctrl Alt Repeat vol. 2"
Aiers - "Fall" from "Fall [single]"
Summer Arachnid - "Constellations" from "Seasonal Split"
Hit Like A Girl - "Monsters (Acoustic)" from "Heart Breaker"
Pillowinde - "Courtney" from "Pillowinde"
Eddie Skuller - "Headlines" from "Headlines [single]"
Boogie Down Apocalypse - "Girl U Want [Devo cover]" from "One Last Big Bang"
Juniper - "Turn To You" from "If You Gotta GO-GO, GO-GO Now"
Sean Faust - "Who Are You, Anyway? (acoustic)" from "Who Are You, Anyway? (acoustic) [single]"
Tom Costello and the Turnaround - "Lazy Old Town" from "Willow"
Trent Carr - "Popcorn" from "Popcorn [single]"
Face For Radio - "Sitting Here Alone" from "Neumann Sessions EP"
blank effort - "A Mention" from ""It's great to see ya!""
Crowded Parks - "Moving On" from "Ctrl Alt Repeat vol. 2" Presents New NJ Music airs Monday @ 7pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:

Ships Have Sailed - "More" from "Ages"
TV Priest - "Bury Me In My Shoes" from "My Other People"
Ajay Mathur - "Real" from "Talking Loud"
The Fisherman & The Sea - "But The Boy Is Dead!" from "Botify The People"
JON SPENCER & the HITmakers - "Bruise" from "Spencer Gets It Lit"
Treasvre - "Letting Nature Run Its Course" from "Stick The Knife In"
Anand Wilder - "I Don't Want Our Love To Become Routine" from "I Don't Know My Words"
The Dead Tongues - "James St" from "Dust"
Basia Bulat - "The Shore (The Garden Version)" from "The Garden"
Dream Widow - "Angel With Severed Wings" from "Dream Widow EP"
IGNITE - "The House Is Burning" from "Ignite"
The Real McKenzies - "Spinning Wheels" from "Float Me Boat"
Destroyer - "It Takes a Thief" from "LABYRINTHITIS"
Jasmyn - "Find The Light" from "In The Wild"
Pink Mountaintops - "Nervous Breakdown" from "Peacock Pools"
Askvader - "Nightcap" from "Fenix"

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs Tuesday @ 7pm

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See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:



That's all for this week folks.


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