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Hi Everyone,

Attention Musicians

We are now booking April & May Guitar Pulls

If you want to perform round robin style w/ 2 other musicians (virtually via Skype) e-mail us

We do shows every Thursday night from 7pm until around 8:30pm


Lazlo will be broadcasting live with the following special programming:

Monday @ 7pm - Presents New NJ Music

Tuesday @ 7pm - Lazlo's Den Presents New Music

Wednesday @ 7pm - #StayHomeWithLazlo with guest Jason Michael Wednesday @ 8pm - Songwriter Challenge: Topic "love, other than a person"

Thursday @ 7pm - Guitar Pull (3 singer-songwriters sharing songs & stories) - w/ Brianna Musco, Carmen Scalfani (Wiser Time), Mark Linskey (Hudson Falcons)

Listen here:


Latest Updates on

INTERVIEW ARCHIVE: Interview: Jammin for Jaclyn (Michael Squillace) (NJ)

MUSIC VIDEO: Greg McGarvey - "Count The Colors" (NJ)

MUSIC VIDEO: Jerry, at the Beach - "Summertime" (NJ)


Lazlo's Corner

I don't have a lot of photos.

Sure, I've taken some photos at concerts and posted them on, but even that I dislike doing because it takes me out of the experience.

For instance, several years ago I had a photo pass for a well known band playing the Stone Pony, but (and this is the norm for touring bands) I was only allowed to photograph for the first three songs. So the moment the band hit the stage I started snapping away to get a bunch of photos while I could. Unfortunately for me, they opened the show with one of my favorite songs so I was busy focusing on the photos and did not get to enjoy the song.

I was not experiencing the moment, or "living in the now" as some would put it. I have the photos that show I was there, but not a good memory of the performance of the song I love, and the joy it likely would have brought me otherwise.

On the other hand, I could put almost any song on that I have heard before, from my childhood or from very recently, and have a memory from that song... some good, some bad... but I cherish them both.

I know the meme is "pics or it didn't happen", but is it more important to have photo evidence to show others, or to have the joy of the memory upon hearing a song associated with it?



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

Katye Kellye and the Interruption - "Stop The Clock" from "Sophomore Slump"
Johnny Trashed - "Super Oi! Pogo... Whatever" from "Toilet Songs (Live From The Shitter)"
Trojan Warfare - "Helen" from "Trojan Warfare"
Jason Michael - "Afterlife" from "Gemini"
Hello Whirled - "Crown Of Fools" from "EP4: Bastard Open Mic"
Commons 2 - "Hands" from "Hands [single]"
Jess Harkness - "Personal Reasons" from "Interim"
Vincent Brue - "St. Valentine" from "Humor Me (a work in progress)"
Sunblossom - "Mirror Man" from "Little Star Cloud"
Sean Henry Tonight! - "A Pickaxe To My Heart" from "A Pickaxe To My Heart [single]"
Mister More - "Be With Me" from "EP.1"
Jason Didner - "Run With My Troubles" from "Run With My Troubles [single]"
Bus Window - "Undone" from "Flying High (2002 - 2005)"
Terry McCarthy - "The Moment" from "Home"
JD & The Daydreams - "I Digress" from "Sirens"
Five Dollar Day - "Pass The Wine" from "There Is Always Hope To Lose" Presents New NJ Music airs Monday @ 7pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:

Moonroof - "Vanilla" from "Vanilla [single]"
Teenage Wrist - "New Emotion" from "Earth Is A Black Hole"
Devon Kay & The Solutions - "Frustrated People Of The World, Unite!" from "Frustrated People Of The World, Unite! [single]"
The Arcadian Wild - "Summer: Walk" from "Principium"
Tracy Colleto - "Diving In" from "Diving In [single]"
Niceness - "Small Things" from "Realize"
Deap Valley - "High Horse (feat. KT Tunstall & Peaches)" from "Digital Dream"
Manchester Orchestra - "Bed Head" from "The Million Masks Of God"
Pale Waves - "Tomorrow" from "Who Am I?"
The Antlers - "Just One Sec" from "Green To Gold"
Aerial East - "The Things We Build" from "Try Harder"
Lord Huron - "Not Dead Yet" from "Not Dead Yet [single]"
Ben Rice - "American" from "Future Pretend"
Kalu & The Electric Joint - "Downfall" from "Downfall [single]"

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs Tuesday @ 7pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:



That's all for this week folks.