Broadcast live on our station 4/1/24 @ 7pm

Aaron Pinto - "Corinne (I'm Sorry I Let You Go)" from "Aaron Pinto"
Rubber Band Gun - "Losing Your Voice" from "Zero Love Songs"
Jason Didner - "Too Many Tabs Open" from "Digital Carnival"
Jim Mill - "Help Me" from "Help Me [single]"
Spring Ahead, Fall Apart - "Short Lines, Shoreline, Sure, I'm Fine" from "Blanket Statements"
Timothy Larigan - "Summer Camp" from "Summer Camp"
Thirteen Horses - "Homecoming" from "Homecoming [single]"
Lackadaisical Lemon - "This Song is So Very Funny" from "Citric Acid"
veterinarian declan - "Secret Tube" from "vet dec 2324"
Lying Season - "whatgoesupmaynotcomedown" from "press play"
The Atomic Bats - "Psycho Carnival" from "Pre Release Demo"
The Cynz - "You Would Not Miss Me" from "Little Miss Lost"
Brett Altman - "Eye Mask" from "Eye Mask [single]"
Glenn Brennan - "Better Off This Way" from "Better Off This Way [single]"
Ian Matthew Keller - "Back at it" from "59"
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