Broadcast live on our station 3/25/24 @ 7pm

The Cynz - "Little Miss Lost" from "Little Miss Lost"
You Deflowered Her - "Elvis Presley Didn't Kill Himself For This" from "Songwriting Comp/Genre Comp 2"
Kanak - "Too Late" from "On The Outside"
Joey Biondi - "If I Died Young" from "If I Died Young [single]"
The Dust-Ups - "Western Sky" from "The Dust-Ups"
Rubber Band Gun - "Song #7" from "Zero Love Songs"
Surfing For Daisy - "Jammin' G (Saturday Night)" from "Jammin' G (Saturday Night) [single]"
Turnpike Gates - "Not Myself Today" from "Not Myself Today"
Proko - "Down The Hole" from "Proko EP"
Jason Ager - "Trepanning" from "Trepanning [single]"
The Driveway Daves - "Anchorage" from "Do Stupid Things Faster With More Energy"
Squirrel - "Crayons" from "Crayons [single]"
Ali de Leoin - "Mistolin" from "Songs on Site 2023"
Monda - "Sick of it" from "Songwriting Comp/Genre Comp 2"
Alpha Rabbit - "Through the Doorchain" from "Let It Grow"
Lackadaisical Lemon - "Ode to Pizza Goldfish" from "Citric Acid"
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