Broadcast live on our station 3/19/24 @ 7pm

The Winter Sounds - "Dreams at the Speed of Light" from "Europa"
The Lemon Twigs - "A Dream Is All I Know" from "A Dream Is All We Know"
Hurray for the Riff Raff - "Hawkmoon" from "The Past Is Still Alive"
Smoltz - "Keep It Dull" from "Smoltz"
Glitterer - "Recollection" from "Rationale"
A Carousel Moon - "So High" from "Wax"
Wesley Fuller - "Everything Is Strange" from "All Fuller No Filler"
The Strumbellas - "Hold Me" from "Part Time Believer"
Kid Kapichi - "Tamagotchi" from "There Goes The Neighbourhood"
Mad Caddies - "Run" from "Arrows Room 117"
Bombay Bicycle Club - "Blindfold (feat. Liz Lawrence)" from "Fantasies [EP]"
John Howard - "This Song" from "Single Return"
Yellow Days - "Mrs. Moonlight" from "Hotel Heaven"
Gamblers - "Running From My Grave" from "Pulverizer"
Storytell - "Seven Seas" from "Seven Seas [single]"
Motorhead - "You Better Run (Live at Sala Aqualung, Madrid, 1st June 1995)" from "The Lost Tapes: The Collection (Vol. 1-5)"
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