Broadcast live on our station 3/12/24 @ 7pm

Orbis Max - "Not This Time" from "Not This Time [single]"
Real Estate - "Water Underground" from "Water Underground [single]"
Dan Bern - "Never Seen You Before" from "Starting Over"
Norah Jones - "Running" from "Visions"
Christina Ward - "Tophy" from "Shapeshifter [EP]"
Tish Melton - "The Chase" from "When We're Older"
Leyla McCalla - "Love We Had" from "Sun Without the Heat"
Gulfer - "Prove" from "Third Wind"
Athensville - "Desiderata (Free Tyree Wallace)" from "Desiderata (Free Tyree Wallace) [single]"
Alice Russell - "Gravity" from "I Am"
Josh Fortenberry - "New Fallen Snow" from "No Such Things as Forever"
Infinity Song - "Slow Burn" from "Metamorphosis"
Jordan Jones - "Can I Stay" from "And I, You"
Eric Slick - "Anxious to Please" from "New Age Rage"
Firewind - "Land of Chaos" from "Stand United"
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