Broadcast live on our station 3/11/24 @ 7pm

1adam12 - "The Rope" from "Daylight Savings"
Alpha Rabbit - "Just My Love" from "Let It Grow"
Graduation Speech - "Get Lost" from "Arcane Feelings"
The Dust-Ups - "What Getting Over You Looks Like" from "The Dust-Ups"
Psychic Wars - "Twin Phoenix" from "Twin Phoenix"
Supermutt - "Friends in my Head" from "Friends in my Head [single]"
Melissa Anthony - "when you're high" from "when you're high [single]"
The Cucumbers - "Old Shoes" from "Songs on Site 2023"
Katye Kellye and The Interruption - "All In My Mind" from "All In My Mind [single]"
Starikova - "Legacy of Exploding Stars" from "Legacy of Exploding Stars [single]"
Preserve the Moose - "Grandfather" from "The Antidote"
The Cynz - "Crow Haired Boys" from "Little Miss Lost"
Bristler - "Lowlife" from "Cascades At Play"
Modern Crybaby - "scared" from "scared [single]"
Jackie June - "On the Move 2.0" from "On the Move 2.0 [single]"
Regency Club - "Manhattan" from "Manhattan [single]"
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