Broadcast live on our station 2/19/24 @ 7pm

Aaron Pinto - "And I Always Know" from "Aaron Pinto"
Lxnnnie - "Mazie Dead Hazy [Demolition]" from "Demolition Collection"
Bobby Syvarth feat. Josh Dion and SGAR - "Baby Are You Crazy" from "Baby Are You Crazy [single]"
Fear Of Falling - "Hands On Me (feat. HOLDN)" from "Hands On Me (feat. HOLDN) [single]"
Laree H. Cisco - "Little Bear" from "FAWM 2024"
Crasher - "Clam Chow Chow" from ""Off Season" EP"
furiousBall - "Lonely as a Cloud (Fixt Remix)" from "Fixt"
Beekeeper - "What's Her Name" from "What's Her Name / Take A Break"
Graduation Speech - "Break the Curse" from "Arcane Feelings"
Sally Draper - "Dance Like No One's Watching (No One's Watching Anyway)" from "American Dream"
Psychic Wars - "Beholder" from "Behloder [single]"
No License - "As It May" from "2018-2023"
Samuel Vincent - "Horse in Tube (feat. Nim Rodel & Jus Allah)" from "Horse in Tube (feat. Nim Rodel & Jus Allah) [single]"
Mark Owen Nutto & The Unemployed Teachers - "Return to ZORK" from "Return to ZORK [single]"
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