Broadcast live on our station 2/13/24 @ 7pm

Stratejacket - "Bad Start" from "Bad Start [single]"
The Sleeveens - "Metallica Font" from "The Sleeveens"
The Kilograms - "Can't Be Beat" from "EP"
Red Sammy - "I Couldn't Find A Way Home Last Night" from "Holy Fluorescent Light"
Jeff Talmadge - "If I Was A Sparrow" from "Sparrow"
Jay Linden - "Ordinary Sunrise" from "Ordinary Sunrise"
Lo Moon - "Water" from "I Wish You Way More Than Luck"
Atomic Tom - "Let Me Show You How It's Done" from "Let Me Show You How It's Done"
Dehd - "Mood Ring" from "Poetry"
Madi Diaz - "Girlfriend" from "Weird Faith"
Eckman & Borelius - "Breathe Out" from "Breathe Out [single]"
Hurray for the Riff Raff - "Colossus of Roads" from "The Past Is Still Alive"
The Decemberists - "Burial Ground" from "Burial Ground [single]"
Faire Osciller - "Something To Break" from "Drifting"
Easy Sleeper - "Timekeeper" from "Timekeeper [single]"
Calum Ingram - "Show Me the Way" from "Show Me the Way [single]"
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