Broadcast live on our station 2/12/24 @ 7pm

veterinarian declan - "Fire in the Hole" from "Dispose Wreath 3/14"
Psychic Wars - "Psychic Wars" from "Psychic Wars [single]"
Chip Away - "Full of Feeling" from "First 3 Songs"
Sally Draper - "The American Dream Is A Shopping Mall" from "American Dream"
Glenn Brennan - "I Wanna Go Home" from "I Wanna Go Home [single]"
Jon Caspi & The First Gun - "Not Coming Home" from "Not Coming Home [single]"
FRUITBAT - "Lose My Number Now" from "Speak No Evil"
Jett Swole - "Trouble Maker" from "Upon the Porcelain Throne"
Monda - "My Old Excuse" from "Tight Grip EP"
Ali Zanders - "endless summer" from "i wish i was younger"
Ziggy Grover - "Four Miles In A Downpour" from "Love & Pop, Volume 2"
Look Away Virginia - "IDKWYS" from "LP 1"
RGD - "Survive" from "Survive [single]"
Motel Nowhere - "Pretty Whore" from "Pretty Whore"
Greg Bullock - "Time Kills" from "Time Kills [single]"
Mike Chick - "Sticks And Stones" from "More Thrills, Less Hills"
Night Windows - "She" from "In Memories"
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