Broadcast live on our station 2/5/24 @ 7pm

Mark Owen Nutto & The Unemployed Teachers - "Rip It Up" from "Rip It Up [single]"
The Random Hubiak - "The Recession Rag" from "A Capital Idea: Gilding the Age"
Laree H. Cisco - "Miss You" from "FAWM 2024"
Radar & Satellite - "The Jockey" from "The Jockey [single]"
Mike Chick - "Deep Moat" from "More Thrills, Less Hills"
Chip Away - "Creeping Up" from "First 3 Songs"
Jon Caspi - "Not Important (solo)" from "Not Important [single]"
Bird Shirt - "Cities" from "Miles/Scanlines"
Sore Winner - "Owen" from "Owen [single]"
The Antoine Poncelet Band - "Beautiful Losers (Synthwave Mix)" from "Beautiful Losers [single]"
Window Phase - "Meet Goats Part 3" from "Doberman"
FRUITBAT - "Hibiscus" from "Speak No Evil"
Aaron Pinto - "The Obstacle Course" from "The Obstacle Course [single]"
Lxnnnie - "Lucky Stars" from "Hell or High Water"
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