Broadcast live on our station 1/30/24 @ 7pm

Paul Collins - "I'm The Only One For You" from "Stand Back And Take A Good Look"
Liam Gallagher & John Squire - "Mars To Liverpool" from "Mars To Liverpool [single]"
Office Dog - "Big Air" from "Spiel"
The Staves - "You Held It All" from "All Now"
Crawlers - "Kill Me To Be Kind" from "The Mess We Seem To Make"
Hiatus Kaiyote - "Everything's Beautiful" from "Everything's Beautiful [single]"
Gary Clark Jr - "Maktub" from "JPEG RAW"
Me Like Bees - "Stay Safe" from "Stay Safe [single]"
Dead Poet Society - "LA Queen" from "FISSION"
Meg Elsier - "forlyleinsanfrancisco" from "spittake"
Future Islands - "Give Me The Ghost Back" from "People Who Aren't There Anymore"
False Tracks - "Dandelion" from "Hymn For Terror"
Dream Home - "Ella Drive" from "Hold On So Tough"
Mol Sullivan - "Eggshells" from "GOOSE"
Alice Russell - "I See You" from "I Am"
Vince Freeman - "Blame Myself" from "Scars, Ghosts & Glory"
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