Broadcast live on our station 1/29/24 @ 7pm

Jason Didner - "Digital Carnival" from "Digital Carnival"
Jacob Chacko - "Let It Slide" from "Let It Slide [single]"
Jack Powers - "I Think I Loved You (Demo)" from "Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones (Super Mega Deluxe Version)"
By Torchlight - "Black & Blue" from "Black & Blue [single]"
Dr Void & The Death Machines - "Night of the Living Dead (Remix)" from "Frostbite: Frozen Stiff Remix"
Lxnnnie - "Born to Die" from "Hell or High Water"
Silver06 - "Parasocial" from "Masochist"
Aaron Pinto - "Left on Read" from "Left on Read [single]"
Psychic Wars - "Out of Focus" from "Out of Focus [single]"
Night Windows - "Broken Glass" from "In Memories"
Prettier Now - "Oh Miranda" from "Perfect Crush"
Window Phase - "You Went to a 3D Baseball Stadium When You Were a Baby in a Dream" from "Doberman"
PYNKIE - "Spiral" from "Songies"
Cynful Ukes - "Your Stories" from "Changes"
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