Broadcast live on our station 1/22/24 @ 7pm

The Antoine Poncelet Band - "Beautiful Losers" from "Beautiful Losers [single]"
Chad Sabo - "another show" from "joyride"
Modern Crybaby - "The Storm Inside My Heart" from "The Storm Inside My Heart [single]"
Last Legs - "Tara" from "Tara [single]"
Graduation Speech - "No Confidence" from "Arcane Feelings"
Lupe Dragon - "Cruise Control" from "Cruise Control [single]"
Michael Brett - "The Bravest Man" from "Disorder For Sale, vol. 1"
Southpaw - "Breaking Up With Broken" from "Drugstore Cowboy"
Good Fall - "Never Couldn't" from "Intimate Isolation EP"
Aaron Pinto - "Hey Little Blonde Girl" from "Hey Little Blonde Girl [single]"
Jack Powers - "Body" from "Postcard"
Silver06 - "Welcome To Hell" from "Overdose Overload"
Audi Meae - "Solo" from "Renegade"
Signal Valley - "Living on Autopilot" from "Ridiculous Trinkets"
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