Broadcast live on our station 1/9/24 @ 7pm

The Fisherman & The Sea - "Agents of the Change" from "Agents of the Change [single]"
Finnoguns Wake - "So Nice" from "Stay Young"
The Lemon Twigs - "My Golden Years" from "My Golden Years [single]"
Emily Barnes - "Everything" from "Mint Condition"
Ridge Banks - "Stare Too Long" from "Stare Too Long [single]"
Buck Meek - "Cuero Dudes" from "Cuero Dudes [single]"
Liam Gallagher & John Squire - "Just Another Rainbow" from "Just Another Rainbow [single]"
St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club - "Golden Parachute" from "Golden Parachute [single]"
Bad Cop / Bad Cop - "Safe and Legal" from "Safe and Legal [single]"
Rockaway - "Never Again" from "It's Not My Circus"
Quiet Takes - "Meri Said" from "Regrets Only"
Armchair Oracles - "Undertow" from "Nothingeveris"
Greg Chacko - "Jayflower" from "Life After 40"
Foo Fighters - "The Glass" from "But Here We Are"
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