Broadcast live on our station 1/2/24 @ 7pm

Keith Beck - "Hey Beautiful" from "Hey Beautiful [single]"
Alastair Ottesen - "(Don't Wanna Live in a) World Of My Own" from "...At Home!"
Orbis Max with Tim Izzard - "Here and Now" from "Here and Now [single]"
Red Sammy - "Gettin' It Over" from "Holy Fluorescent Light"
Dave Sutherland - "Roads and Rails" from "On The Waiting List"
Bill Ryder-Jones - "If Tomorrow Starts Without Me" from "If Tomorrow Starts Without Me [single]"
Observe The 93rd - "Stick Around" from "Eternalism"
Cigarettes After Sex - "Motion Picture Soundtrack [Radiohead cover]" from "Motion Picture Soundtrack [single]"
Car Seat Headrest - "Hollywood (Live at Brooklyn Steel)" from "Faces From The Masquerade"
Hurray for the Riff Raff - "Alibi" from "The Past Is Still Alive"
Sharks Come Cruisin' - "The Sailor Loves His Bottle" from "I Wish I Was On Gansett Bay"
No More Blue Tomorrows - "For Forever" from "No More Blue Tomorrows"
Emperor Penguin - "You Are My Atmosphere" from "Gentlemen Thieves"
Watling & Bates - "Candy Moon" from "Candy Moon [single]"
Nonbinary Girlfriend - "Big & Kind" from "PDX Pop Now! Vol. 20"
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