Broadcast live on our station 12/5/23 @ 7pm

SUSU - "Dark Angel" from "CALL SUSIE"
The Inevitables - "Chemist" from "Chemist [single]"
The Jacklights - "Haunted" from "Final Girl [EP]"
Porno For Pyros - "Agua" from "Agua [single]"
Pacing - "Orangeville" from "Real Poetry..."
Alice Russell - "Rain" from "Rain [single]"
Brigitte Calls Me Baby - "Eddie My Love" from "The House is Made of Corners"
MJ Lenderman - "Hangover Game" from "And The Wind (Live and Loose!)"
Glen Hansard - "Bearing Witness" from "All That Was East Is West Of Me Now"
Darksoft - "You Never Know" from "Grayscale"
Hello Lucky - "Ghosts" from "Ghosts [single]"
Hugo's Voyage - "Crazy What Love Can Do" from "Inception"
Sasha Dawe - "Baby Blue" from "Shovelling Hopes and Dreams"
Alex Nicol - "Song For Franz" from "Been A Long Year Vol.1 & 2"
Come Closer - "Broken Glass" from "We Died With Print"
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