Broadcast live on our station 12/4/23 @ 7pm

Monda - "Spinning" from "Your Memory May Be Good But Life is an Open Book Exam"
Hello Whirled - "The Sound Of No Hands Clapping" from "Enter The Zone"
Troll Teeth - "3 Shots for a 6 Shooter" from "Sluagh Vol. 1"
Regency Club - "Out of the Blue" from "Out of the Blue [single]"
Jake Thistle - "Brainfreeze" from "The Half Left Out"
Marco Sepe - "Because I Am A Teenager" from "Because I Am A Teenager [single]"
Dennis King - "Hail the Pale Blue Moon" from "Hail the Pale Blue Moon [single]"
Roadside Graves - "Patty's House" from "I Won't Cry Alone"
Shotgun Bill with the Tango Kid - "Time" from "Birds of a Feather"
Dr Scientist - "Stranger" from "Strangers"
Valentines Day - "modelo" from "modelo [single]"
Starikova - "Dischord" from "Dischord [single]"
Crust - "Star Trek Rap" from "Olde Skool"
white oak - "emotional anarchy" from "incomplete. sweet."
Scumming - "Espresso Tonic Clouds" from "Some Kind of Cap Swallower"
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