Broadcast live on our station 11/6/23 @ 7pm

J Thoubbs - "Wizard Politics" from "Season of the Riffs (Deluxe Edition)"
hyperturf - "Dead F" from "Halloween 2023"
Losing Streak - "The Working Dad" from "The Working Dad [single]"
Gina Royale - "Save Room For Me" from "Save Room For Me [single]"
Pete Davis - "When the Tallest Tree Collapsed" from "Hapax Legomena"
BENJI & Their Orchestra - "going up (ft. Mariae)" from "going up (ft. Mariae) [single]"
Tommy Strazza - "Angus & Eddie" from "Any Time I Want"
Every Damn Day - "Give Myself Away (2023 Mix/Master)" from "Jettison The Pod Sparky (30th Anniversary Edition)"
Mark P Presti Jr. - "Wellower" from "All the Rest is Darkness"
Greg McGarvey - "Strawberry" from "Strawberry [single]"
Bruce Donnola - "Angel Whispered" from "Three Seances (ep)"
Wiser Time - "All Fired Up" from "All Fired Up [single]"
Strange Talking Animals - "Restore" from "when the wind is barely there"
Shotgun Bill - "Birds Of A Feather" from "Birds Of A Feather [single]"
Lazlo - "Mr. Bighaircut" from "Hard To Say"
Somerdale - "Better Without Her" from "Let's Get Started"
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