Broadcast live on our station 10/31/23 @ 7pm

The Inciters - "Bring Back The Weekend" from "Bring Back The Weekend"
Rinehearts - "Coming True" from "Full Bloom"
The Menzingers - "Alone in Dublin" from "Some Of It Was True"
The Iron Roses - "Soldier of Fortune" from "The Iron Roses"
Psychotic Youth - "I Don't Wanna Go Now" from "Happy Songs"
Degrees - "A Little To Well" from "Pt. V"
Coco - "Mythological Man" from "2"
Husbands - "Lost Weekend" from "Cuatro"
Princess Goes - "Shimmer" from "Come Of Age"
Joystick! - "BOXES" from "DWELL [EP]"
NOBRO - "Gimme More (Party Through The Pain)" from "Set Your Pussy Free"
Kevin Goodwin - "Best Damn Time" from "One Hell of a Night"
Krooked Kings - "Headhunters" from "Headhunters [single]"
Glitter Etiquette - "Cellophane" from "Silicone Bodies"
The Wimps - "Lonely" from "City Lights"
Ultra Major - "Picture Perfect" from "Half Dead"
Edinburgh School for the Deaf - "Orpheus Ascending" from "New Youth Bible"
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