Broadcast live on our station 10/30/23 @ 7pm

Hello Whirled - "Drunk On Your Roof" from "There Is Another Sun"
Blind Pete - "Media Farm" from "Hot and Delicious"
Every Damn Day - "I Don't Know When (2023 Mix/Master)" from "Jettison The Pod Sparky (30th Anniversary Edition)"
the dt's - "All IN My Head" from "All IN My Head [single]"
Danello - "Luna, The Surf Angel" from "Danello, The Sad Surfer"
Canned Animations - "Time Leaves The Way That It Arrives" from "Statued By The Wait"
Jonathan Tea - "You're Not Here" from "You're Not Here [single]"
Dogpile on the Rabbit - "Empty Head" from "Way Back Now"
Meteor Police - "The Escape From Nothing" from "Hallowtide Hymns E.P."
DirtyHands - "When You Get a Chance" from "Sonder"
Dave Kuchler - "All I Need" from "Love + Glory"
Chris Fantasia - "Local Legend" from "Greatest Hits"
Cold Weather Company - "Let Your Love Last" from "Let Your Love Last [single]"
Those Looks - "Your Woman [White Town cover]" from "Flannel Dreams [90's covers]"
Sherilyn Fender - "Process" from "Live Demos 2"
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