Broadcast live on our station 10/10/23 @ 7pm

The Fisherman & The Sea - "The Nature of Things [demo]" from "Banding Together 2023 Compilation"
Red Sammy - "Some Days I Feel Crazy" from "Some Days I Feel Crazy [single]"
Fruit Dawg - "Forever (Apparently)" from "Forever (Apparently) [single]"
SLD - "N Train Song" from "Like Sunshine"
Hunny - "ring in ur ear (feat. Justin Courtney Pierre)" from "HUNNY's New Planet Heaven"
The Breeders - "Divine Mascus [feat. J Mascis]" from "Last Splash - 30th Anniversary"
Royel Otis - "Fried Rice" from "Fried Rice"
briston Maroney - "Sunburn Fades" from "Ultrapure"
Haunt The Woods - "Numb" from "Ubiquity"
The Mobile Homes - "Throne" from "Tristesse"
Arkells - "Skin" from "Laundry Pile"
The National - "Tour Manager" from "Laugh Track"
The Criticals - "Call The Cliche" from "Front Door Confrontations [EP]"
CARR - "Step On Your Face" from "The CARR Show"
Read The Room - "Same Old Story" from A Place Like No Other"
Milly - "Grab The Wheel" from "Grab the Wheel [single]"
Catherine Wacha - "Adrift" from "Banding Together 2023 Compilation"
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