Broadcast live on our station 10/9/23 @ 7pm

Allison Strong - "Ballpoint" from "Banding Together 2023 Compilation"
Odiame - "Absent (ft. Bayway)" from "Demo: Latino Hardcore"
Asinine Relevance - "Jerk Rats" from "[II]"
Free The Witness - "Girl in Red" from "Youth of Tomorrow"
Roadside Graves - "We're Not Here" from "I Won't Cry Alone"
Teen Idle - "Stranger" from "Nonfiction"
Blue Vervain - "i stood in the rain" from "The Garden"
Dave Kuchler - "She'd Rather Be With You" from "Love + Glory"
Somerdale - "Missing You" from "Let's Get Started"
Fear Of Falling - "Keanu Reeves" from "Keanue Reeves [single]"
Jake Thistle - "Brooklyn Can Wait" from "Brooklyn Can Wait [single]"
See Plus - "Awake" from "Awake [single]"
The Marble Tea - "If You Don't Stop, I'll Go Blind" from "The Thing Itself"
The Antoine Poncelet Band - "The End Of The End" from "The End Of The End [single]"
Squirrel - "Stick Figures" from "Everything Sucks Forever"
Gordon Vincent - "Gas Powered Paradise" from "Exit Through The Gift Shop"
Dogpile on the Rabbit - "When You See Her" from "Way Back Now"
Blisstique - "Collision Course [Acoustic Stylee]" from "Banding Together 2023 Compilation"
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