Broadcast live on our station 10/3/23 @ 7pm

Barns Courtney - "Young In America" from "Young In America [single]"
Sadlands - "McClellan" from "Sadlands"
Orbis Max - "Anyone's Yesterday" from "Orbis Max"
Beth Wimmer - "Nature" from "Nature"
Chance Pena - "i am not who i was" from "i am not who i was [single]"
Jeff Plankenhorn - "Maybe It's Not Too Late" from "Alone At Sea"
Mitski - "When Memories Snow" from "the Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We"
Christone "Kingfish" Ingram - "Something In The Dirt (Live)" from "Live In London"
George Mann - "The Legendary Lot 13" from "This Chain"
Johnny Marr - "Somewhere" from "Spirit Power: The Best Of Johnny Marr"
Dictator Ship - "Terror" from "Electric Jihad"
Diamond Dogs - "Down On The Debris Field" from "About The Toughest Nut To Crack"
SLD - "I Gotta Be Here" from "Like Sunshine"
Van Plating - "The Heron [feat. Elizabeth Cook]" from Orange Blossom Child"
John P. Strohm - "Troubleland" from "Something To Look Forward To"
Muse - "You Make Me Feel Like It's Halloween" from "Will Of The People"
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