Broadcast live on our station 9/25/23 @ 7pm

Commons 2 - "Friday Morning" from "Art Studio"
The Normal Living - "Pleasant Valley Flood" from "Pleasant Valley Flood"
DirtyHands - "Here Comes The Fight (Single)" from "Sonder"
Blue Vervain - "highgarden" from "The Garden"
CR and The Nones - "Concessions" from "The Ghosts Are Coming Home"
Andrew Pollinger - "I Can't Get High Like I Used To" from "Acoustic Outtakes"
Lost In Society - "Lights Out" from "Lights Out [single]"
The Atomic Dinosaurs - "Classify These as Good Times" from "Classify These as Good Times [single]"
Dogfather - "Dear God" from "Dogfather"
Elk City - "A Messenger" from "Undertow"
Alec Shachtman - "Doll" from "Transitions"
dream complete - "Sever" from "Always Somewhere EP"
Fully Fledged - "Decimal" from "AL3UM"
Some Human's Mind - "Moments Still In Love" from "A Brown Paper Bag"
cheeks - "who are you" from "when you can"
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