Broadcast live on our station 9/12/23 @ 7pm

Elephant And Stars - "Gimme Ketamine" from "Get Your Own Army [EP]"
Taking Back Sunday - "S'old" from "152"
Wax Mekanix - "Once Upon A Lie" from "Psychotomimetic"
Tom Barrett - "NJ Ain't Like Tennessee" from "NJ Ain't Like Tennessee [single]"
Zach Bryan - "Tourniquet" from "Zach Bryan"
The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Conductors" from "The Rise & The Fall"
Taking Meds - "Long Tooth" from "Dial M For Meds"
Eclipse - "Got It!" from "Megalomanium"
Sparklehorse - "I Fucked It Up" from "Bird Machine"
Rose Of The West - "Hardcore" from "No Things Permanent"
Burnside Project x Sunrise HWY - "Getting Away With It [Electronic cover]" from "Getting Away With It [Single]"
Anjimile - "Animal" from "Animal [single]"
Jalen Ngonda - "So Glad I found You" from "Come Around and Love Me"
Jack's Waterfall - "Call Dr. John" from "Call Dr. John"
Mac Saturn - "Mint Julep" from "Mint Julep [single]"
Liza Anne - "Shania Twain Is Making Me Cry" from "Utopian"
Jeff Rosenstock - "FUTURE IS DUMB" from "HELLMODE"
Normy - "Stuck In Place" from "What The Fuck Planet Are These Guys From?"
Hot Freaks - "For Nothing" from "Hot Freaks Forever"
The Moss - "The Place That Makes Me Happy" from "The Place That Makes Me Happy [single]"
Andrew Cushin - "Just Like You'd Want Me To" from "Waiting for the Rain"
Joey Valence & Brae - "PUNK TACTICS" from "PUNK TACTICS"
Lincoln Durham - "Echo" from "Resurrection Thorn"
Mustard Plug - "Doin' What We Do" from "Where Did All My Friends Go?"
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