Broadcast live on our station 9/5/23 @ 7pm

Cheekface - "Plastic" from "Plastic [single]"
The Popravinas - "3 Month Situation" from "3 Month Situation [single]"
Pile - "Scaling Walls" from "Scaling Walls [single]"
The Pink Spiders - "Baby I'm High" from "Freakazoid"
PJ Western - "Blah Blah Blah" from "Here I Go"
Spanish Love Songs - "Clean-Up Crew" from "No Joy"
Heather Miller - "You Are Not Alone" from "Count it in Moons"
Katy Kirby - "Cubic Zirconia" from "Cubic Zirconia [single]"
A Giant Dog - "In Rainbows" from "Bite"
Lila Holler - "Worth It Soon" from "Worth It Soon"
Fischer-Z - "The Hamburg Beat" from "The Hamburg Beat [single]"
Cayucas - "Topo Ride The Wave" from "Hangin' On The Westside"
MammaBear - "Fever Dream" from "The Abbey Road Sessions"
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