Broadcast live on our station 9/4/23 @ 7pm

Elephants in the Storm Drain - "Into The Sun" from "Part I"
Messy Humans - "Two Twenty" from "Here's To Nothing"
illuminihilation - "An Ode to Friendship, Lost" from "Shattered Shields, Pt. 2"
Bruce Donnola - "Mugshot Blues" from "Mugshot Blues [single]"
ly.ceum - "Picture Me Happy" from "If It Doesn't Scare the Cows..."
Elk City - "Tried to Move On" from "Undertow"
The Normal Living - "Hurricane" from "Pleasant Valley Flood"
DLFC - "As I Walk Away" from "File Under Tastee"
BreakTime - "From You" from "Specials"
Fuey - "Get In Line" from "Libeartion Theology"
furiousBall - "My Kinda Rotten Person" from "The Last Music on Earth"
A Ghostly Heart - "In My Mind" from "A Ghostly Heart"
The Psychedelic Cowboy - "Privilege" from "Naked & Unplugged"
Andrew Nieporent - "Renegade Saint (Blizzard of '21)" from "A Claremont Valentine: Solo Live '23"
Modern Crybaby - "Gracefulness" from "Gracefulness [single]"
Posthumous Works - "Brave New Dawn" from "Demos"
Signal Valley - "Veiled" from "Unedited Image Of A Bear"
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