Broadcast live on our station 8/29/23 @ 7pm

Ratboys - "Morning Zoo" from "The Window"
The Drums - "Obvious" from "Jonny"
SUSTO - "Cowboys" from "My Entire Life"
Velvet Insane - "Jemmy" from "High Heeled Monster"
Be Your Own Pet - "Big Trouble" from "Mommy"
Worry Club - "Sucker Punch" from "All Frogs Go To Heaven"
John Popper & Jono Manson - "Cabin Fever" from "Bootlegger Days!!"
Kathy Kallick - "It's Lonesome Everywhere I Go" from "The Lonesome Chronicles"
Lonely Lost Boy - "Walking Man" from "Walking Man [single]"
Jeff Plankenhorn - "Alone At Sea" from "Alone At Sea"
Sadie Jean - "16" from "16 [single]"
The Bones of J.R. Jones - "The Good Life" from "Slow Lightning"
Two-Man Giant Squid - "Progress" from "Intro To Basement"
Allah-Las - "Sky Club" from "Zuma 85"
Nightly - "The Feeling" from "Wear Your Heart Out"
Teenage Wrist - "Wax Poetic" from "Still Love"
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