Broadcast live on our station 8/28/23 @ 7pm

The Funky JC's - "Jersey City" from "Greetings From The Funky JC's"
Samuel Vincent - "Wretched Renaissance" from "Wretched Renaissance [single]"
A Ghostly Heart - "The Only Way Out Is Through" from "A Ghostly Heart"
Lost Romance - "Limousine" from "Limousine [single]"
Joe P - "Don't Wanna Love U" from "Don't Wanna Love U [single]"
The Martyr - "Jackrabbit" from "Jackrabbit [single]"
BreakTime - "Dandelion" from "Specials"
Quality Living - "Summatime" from "Summatime [single]"
Pat XY - "To Let You Go" from "To Let You Go [single]"
Latewaves - "Italian Smokes" from "Italian Smokes [single]"
Kathleen Elle - "One Stop Shop" from "One Stop Shop [single]"
Sonic Blume - "Rocky & I" from "Rocky & I [single]"
BYRH - "Fiddle Crisps" from "Fiddle Crisps [single]"
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