Broadcast live on our station 8/22/23 @ 7pm

NOBRO - "Let's Do Drugs" from "Set Your Pussy Free"
The Menzingers - "Hope Is A Dangerous Little Thing" from "Some Of It Was True"
Rebuilder - "One Hundred Days" from "Local Support"
Lila Holler - "Up&Out" from "Up&Out [single]"
The Chapin Sisters - "All Through The Night" from "All Through The Night [single]"
C. Daniel Boling - "The Keys" from "New Old Friends"
Wax Mekanix - "Pillars Of Creation" from "Psychotomimetic"
Sugar Minott - "One Step Ahead" from "If You Ask Me To: Victor Axelrod Productions for Daptone Records"
Shannon Leigh Reynolds - "Closer To You" from "Triple Shot"
Matt Tiegler - "Dream" from "Hands Free Down Hill"
John Rooney - "Six Years" from "Hoodwink"
Petey - "Did I Mention I'm Sorry" from "USA"
The Darien Gap - "Albany Bowl" from "Haunted Lots"
Shallow Pools - "Nightmare" from "I Think About It All The Time"
Margaret Glaspy - "Female Brain" from "Echo the Diamond"
The Armed - "Clone" from "Perfect Saviors"
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