Broadcast live on our station 8/21/23 @ 7pm

Mike Noordzy - "Sleazin" from "Sleaze Greaze"
ThatBoiCarter - "FOR MY MOM (prod. chais)" from "THE INTRODUCTION."
Boogie Down Apocalypse - "NO PAPERS" from "NO PAPERS [single]"
Levy Okun - "Statistic" from "Says Hello"
Matt Fisher & The Telephone Junkies - "life moves along" from "Dance With Me Easy"
Modern Crybaby - "Few & Far Between" from "Few & Far Between [single]"
Not Yer Baby - "Gemini" from "Gemini [single]"
Lovegood - "Wreckt" from "Wreckt [single]"
Signal Valley - "Pamela Penguin and Chester Chicken" from "Unedited Image Of A Bear"
Allison Strong - "Human Years (Acoustic Version)" from "Human Years (Acoustic Version) [single]"
orionfalls - "On the Outside (feat. Nisa Marchunt)" from "No Hard Feelings"
Summer Arachnid - "Missed Connection" from "Interpersonal"
Alibi - "Skipping Stones" from "Twin Flame"
Silver06 - "Deep Ends" from "Labyrinth"
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