Broadcast live on our station 8/15/23 @ 7pm

The Pink Spiders - "Let's Go Home" from "Freakazoid"
Ratboys - "Crossed that Line" from "The Window"
Taking Meds - "Life Support" from "Dial M For Meds"
Milly Raccoon - "The Girl I Left Behind" from "Frankincense and Myrrh"
Julian Talamantez Brolaski - "Sittin in the Space" from "It's Okay Honey"
Rick Hornyak - "The Other Side" from "Dandelion"
Heavenward - "Heavenward" from "Pyrophonics"
OK Go - "This" from "This [single]"
New Math - "When I Was Young (Live)" from "Die Trying and Hot Other Sounds (1979-1983)"
Rob Moose feat. Sara Bareilles - "Extract" from "Inflorescence"
Elijah Johnston - "Hometown Vampire" from "Hometown Vampire"
Mustard Service - "Night In Tulum" from "Variety Pack"
Nevada Nevada - "Risky Shit" from "Past Life"
Jordi - "blindfolds" from "Sorry I'm Late"
King Nun - "Golden Age" from "Lamb"
Bad Cop / Bad Cop - "Shattered" from "Shattered [single]"
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