Broadcast live on our station 8/8/23 @ 7pm

Angel Du$t - "Space Jam" from "Brand New Soul"
Deaf Charlie - "Born To Win" from "Catastrophic Metamorphic"
Militarie Gun - "Sway Too" from "Life Under The Gun"
Chris Farren - "Doom Singer" from "Doom Singer"
Zak Domogalla - "Mrs. Moon Eyes" from "Mrs. Moon Eyes [single]"
Semisonic - "The Rope" from "Little Bit Of Sun"
Orbis Max - "Make You Feel Better" from "Make You Feel Better [single]"
Mayday Parade - "Got Me All Wrong" from "Got Me All Wrong [single]"
Andrew Cushin - "Wor Flag" from "Waiting For The Rain"
The Last Dinner Party - "Nothing Matters" from "Nothing Matters [single]"
Grouplove - "Cheese" from "I Want it All Right Now"
Portugal. The Man - "Grim Generation" from "Chris Black Changed My Life"
Tony Stives - "Friday Night Drummer" from "Wake Me If I Sleep"
Wilco - "Evicted" from "Cousin"
Amanda Brite - "The Rest Of Your Life" from "The Rest Of Your Life [single]"
Vacations - "Next Exit" from "Terms & Conditions"
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