Broadcast live on our station 8/1/23 @ 7pm

Bush Tetras - "Tout Est Meilleur" from "They Live in My Head"
The Drowns - "The Beast" from "Split 7""
Be Your Own Pet - "Big Trouble" from "Mommy"
Jalen Ngonda - "That's All I Wanted From You" from "Come Around and Love Me"
Stephen Marley - "Old Soul" from "Old Soul [single]"
Brian Lopez - "All Souls" from "TIDAL"
Tony Stives - "Brighter Side of Life" from "Wake Me If I Sleep"
The Mountain Goats - "Clean Slate" from "Jenny from Thebes"
Cayucas - "Waffles" from "Waffles [single]"
Mitski - "Bug Like an Angel" from "The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We"
Ethan P. Flynn - "Bad Weather" from "Abandon All Hope"
Pleasure Pill - "Not Giving Up" from "Not Giving Up [single]"
Buck Meek - "Cyclades" from "Haunted Mountain"
Glen Hansard - "The Feast Of St. John" from "All That Was East Is West Of Me Now"
Wonk Unit - "Rebecca" from "Split 7""
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