Broadcast live on our station 7/31/23 @ 7pm

Torment Of Giants - "Square Peg" from "Lion Heart & Paper Tiger"
Glenn Brennan - "Aging Punk" from "Aging Punk [single]"
Messy Humans - "Messy Fucking Humans" from "Messy Fucking Humans [Single]"
Honey Wild - "Sweat on the Brain" from "Sweat on the Brain [single]"
Jacob Chacko - "Back for More" from "Back for More [single]"
Personal Space - "Vital Essence of Green" from "Vital Essence of Green [single]"
Separatr - "Directionless" from "QUEEN ACE"
Joey Biondi - "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" from "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not [single]"
Psychiatric Metaphors - "Street Sweeper" from "Flower Market Exchange"
AFTYN - "One Bedroom" from "One Bedroom [single]"
Pynkie - "down (demo)" from "down (demo) [single]"
Tyler Ballingall - "My Hair Is Falling Out" from "Going Home"
The Vaughns - "Turnaround" from "Egg Everything"
Laree H. Cisco - "I Digress" from "50/90 2023"
No Good With Secrets - "Move Too Slowly" from "Harmony and Chloe"
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