Broadcast live on our station 7/25/23 @ 7pm

Slow Pulp - "Slugs" from "Yard"
beabadoobee - "the way things go" from "the way things go [single]"
Sparklehorse - "The Scull Of Lucia" from "Bird Machine"
Amanda Brite - "Wherever You Go" from "Wherever You Go [single]"
Allison Russell - "Stay Right Here" from "The Returner"
Aysanabee - "Somebody Else" from "Somebody Else [single]"
The Americans - "When You Get Back" from "Strays"
Thirsty Curses - "Down & Out" from "Through The Daze"
Jeff Plankenhorn - "Do A Little Dancing" from "Alone At Sea"
Secrets Of Fire - "Rebel" from "Rebel [single]"
The Armed - "Everything's Glitter" from "Perfect Saviors"
Low Coast - "Out There" from "Existing The Dream"
Better Love - "I Spend Too Much Time" from "I Don't Want To Make It Hurt"
Del Water Gap - "All We Ever Do Is Talk" from "All We Ever Do Is Talk [single]"
Spanish Love Songs - "Haunted" from "No Joy"
Nina de Vitry - "Being With Myself" from "What You Feel Is Real"
London Grammar, SebastiAn - "Dancing by Night" from "Dancing by Night [single]"
Lime Cordiale - "Imposter Syndrome" from "Imposter Syndrome [single]"
Big Thief - "Vampire Empire" from "Vampire Empire [single]"
Izzy Mahoubi - "Hang Around" from "How To Run"
Pastel Blank - "Shareholder" from "Shareholder [single]"
Kovacs - "Not Scared Of Giants" from "Child Of Sin"
Achings - "Abdication" from "All These Shapes, All These Days"
Sandra's Wedding - "Post Disneyland Blues" from "The Hopeful Boy Replacement Service"
Taking Meds - "Outside" from "Dial M For Meds"
The Redhill Valleys - "Long Way Back" from "Long Way Back [single]"
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