Broadcast live on our station 7/24/23 @ 7pm

Kate Ortiz - "A Really Fun Song About Wanting to Die" from "A Really Fun Song About Wanting to Die [Single]"
The Make Three - "Against The Tide" from "You, Me & The Make Three"
Jon Caspi & The First Gun - "My Best Shot" from "My Best Shot [Single]"
The Cucumbers - "I'm Over That" from "Old Shoes"
Melissa Anthony - "to know your name" from "to know your name [single]"
Elk City - "Strong (You're Not Alone)" from "Undertow"
Cyclone Static - "OK Now" from "Cave Pop"
The Tea & Whiskey - "Responsibility Won't Kill You, But It Might Be Contagious" from "*Please Enjoy Responsibly"
Ruby Bones - "Really Good Time" from "Really Good Time [single]"
Lupe Dragon - "Attached" from "Attached [single]"
Alex Sieira - "Welcome Home" from "Welcome Home [single]"
9fm - "Noise and Creators" from "Noise and Creators [single]"
Lily Enos - "The Last Time" from "The Last Time [single]"
Lovegood - "Shine" from "Shine [single]"
Vakili Band - "To The Park" from "Honey"
Katye Kellye and The Interruption - "Entropy" from "Entropy [single]"
Hello Whirled - "An Old Darkness" from "Questions For Concerned Citizens"
Pat Veil - "Century III" from "Hell"
Nick Oriold - "isn't it strange (February 2021)" from "Lightning in the Sunshine: Summer '23 Demo Tape"
ghostly heart - "The Whispers" from "The Whispers [single]"
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