Broadcast live on our station 7/17/23 @ 7pm

Drive, Kid - "The Rounds" from "Hearse [Split EP]"
Hello Whirled - "Winner" from "Questions For Concerned Citizens"
The Make Three - "Let It Burn" from "You, Me & The Make Three"
The Tea & Whiskey - "Insufficient Funds" from "*Please Enjoy Responsibly"
veterinarian declan - "Goats" from "v20"
Donavan Evans - "Mascara" from "Mascara [single]"
Danello - "O, Lovely World" from "O, Lovely World [single]"
Laree H. Cisco - "high Expectations" from "50/90 2023"
ghostly heart - "Don't You Know" from "Don't You Know [single]"
illuminihilation - "Baby" from "Shattered Shields, Pt. 2"
Bride Riot - "Meatlocker Song LIVE @ The Meatlocker 6/22/23" from "Meatlocker Song LIVE @ The Meatlocker 6/22/23 [single]"
The Antoine Poncelet Band - "Strange Violence (Steven OLaf mix)" from "Strange Violence [single]"
Tyler Elden - "Lighthouse" from "Lighthouse [single]"
GIN WAR - "Tapped Out" from "Tapped Out"
Andy Wilson - "Say Anything" from "Demo Apocalypse"
CR and The Nones - "The Long Game" from "The Ghosts Are Coming Home"
Alex Sieira - "It'll Be Okay" from "It'll Be Okay [single]"
Ziggy Grover - "Exile" from "Exile [single]"
Quality Living - "Leaf" from "Leaf [single]"
Rov - "Stay Inside" from "Unfinished Flight"
Goodbye Friend - "Can't Slow Down" from "Right Now You Need To Be Patient"
Funeral Doors - "Stitch" from "Hearse [Split EP]"
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