Broadcast live on our station 7/4/23 @ 7pm

Beck & Phoenix - "Odyssey" from "Odyssey [single]"
Elijah Wolf - "Holding This In" from "Forgiving Season"
M. Ward - "New Kerrang (feat. Scott McMicken)" from "Supernatural Thing"
The Winter Sounds - "Kindness" from "Grand Gestures"
Transmission Suite - "Part Of The Problem" from "Part Of The Problem [single]"
Wye Oak - "Fear of Heights" from "Every Day Like The Last"
Scoopski - "Seasonal" from "Seasonal [single]"
Jalen Ngonda - "Come Around and Love Me" from "Come Around and Love Me"
Wylie Jones - "Not the Right Reasons" from "Not the Right Reasons [single]"
Charlotte Morris - "Your Number One" from "Your Number One [single]"
Ben Folds - "Back To Anonymous" from "What Matters Most"
Andrew Cushin - "It's Coming Round Again" from "Waiting for the Rain"
Nat Myers - "Misbehavin' Mama" from "Yellow Peril"
Rootiger - "Cabin" from "Cabin [single]"
Jeff Rosenstock - "LIKED U BETTER" from "HELLMODE"
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