Broadcast live on our station 7/3/23 @ 7pm

BreakTime - "Be Mine" from "Motor City Mama/Be Mine"
The Anderson Council - "Untrained Eyes" from "The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon"
The Jettys - "Part of Your World" from "Anti-Kemps"
Ziggy Grover - "Jetlag Loveletter" from "Jetlag Loveletter [single]"
DDA - "Camp Jam" from "Camp Jam [single]"
NeonRust - "drawn 2 you" from "vague answers and white lies"
Pat Veil - "The Place Where High School Never Ends" from "Hell"
City Line - "Harvest" from "Harvest [single]"
Torment Of Giants - "Darker Colors" from "Darker Colors [single]"
Melissa Anthony - "Genetics" from "Genetics [single]"
Old Twins - "Before I Lost It Before" from "Nothings Going Nowhere"
Sean Tobin - "Song for the End of the World" from "Song for the End of the World [single]"
Brett Altman - "Overthinking" from "Not Quite Love"
Chitinous Mandible - "Covered Bridge" from "Chitinous Mandible"
The McCarthyists - "Queen Eve" from "Two Party System"
The Dream of When(?) - "Seeing Red (LIVE)" from "Seeing Red (LIVE) [single]"
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