Broadcast live on our station 6/19/23 @ 7pm

The Jettys - "Waiting On You" from "Anti-Kemps"
Squirrel - "Beach House" from "Beach House [single]"
Vakili Band - "Honey" from "Honey"
Allison Strong - "Bronte" from "Bronte"
retrohaze - "hello today" from "002"
Gin War - "Tapped Out" from "Tapped Out [single]"
Ferocious Designs - "Life's in the Balance" from "Life's in the Balance [single]"
Lovegood - "(On The Corner Of) Union And Division" from "(On The Corner Of) Union And Division [single]"
Katye Kellye and The Interruption - "March of Time" from "March of Time [single]"
The Random Hubiak - "The Changing of the Hands" from "The Changing of the Hands [single]"
Samuel Vincent - "Thrown Stoned (Remix)" from "Thrown Stoned (Remix) [single]"
P.Genz - "BUT YOU KNOW THO (Prod By Haleem)" from "BUT YOU KNOW THO [single]"
The Gladiators of 2037 - "American Ghost (Already Over)" from "House of Leaves"
THIEV - "where we started" from "break"
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