Broadcast live on our station 6/13/23 @ 7pm

A Giant Dog - "Differnt Than" from "Bite"
The Aquadolls - "Far Far Away" from "Charmed"
The Sounds Of Settling - "Hit & Run" from "Healing Failures"
Semisonic - "Grow Your Own" from "Little Bit Of Sun"
Nightly - "Wear Your Heart Out" from "Wear Your Heart Out"
The Aces - "Miserable" from "I've Loved You For So Long"
Oscar Lang - "A Song About Me" from "Look Now"
Blonde Redhead - "Snowman" from "Sit Down For Dinner"
Innerlove. - "Trophies" from "Roscoe"
Dave Cope and the Sass - "Butterfly Heart" from "Killer Mods From Inner Space"
Jono Manson - "Make It Through To Spring" from "Stars Enough to Guide Me"
Scoville Unit - "Backseat" from "See What Can Be"
Ratboys - "It's Alive" from "The Window"
The Crawling Eye - "Until We Burn" from "The Wretched Truth"
Trailer Swift - "Running Behind" from "Variant"
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