Broadcast live on our station 5/30/23 @ 7pm

The Bug Club - "Only In Love" from "Green Dream in F#"
Tegan and Sara - "Girls Talk [Elvis Costello cover]" from "Girls Talk [single]"
Militarie Gun - "Will Logic" from "Life Under The Gun"
Jono Manson - "The Further Adventures Of Goat Boy And The Clown" from "Stars Enough To Guide Me"
Krooked Kings - "Coming Of Age" from "All Out Of Good Days"
UgLi - "crybabi." from "girldick."
Sparks - "It Doesn't Have To Be That Way" from "The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte"
The Foreign Films - "Rain Clouds (Sunshine In Your Heart)" from "Magic Shadows"
The Pink Spiders - "Gold Confetti" from "Freakazoid"
Ziggy Alberts - "Runaway (Live in Studio)" from "A Postcard from London [EP]"
Feist - "Song For Sad Friends" from "Multitudes"
Summer Salt - "Campanita" from "Campanita"
The Tiger Moths - "Dreaming Of Yesterday" from "Dreaming Of Yesterday [single]"
Brother Derek - "Love By Design" from "Parade Rest"
Heavens Edge - "I'm Not The One" from "Get It Right"
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