Broadcast live on our station 5/29/23 @ 7pm

Indeyevid - "Mental Bruises" from "Biting The Fork"
Disruptive Meditation - "Human Lifestyle" from "What Did I Did?"
Anticitizen - "Obsolete" from "Obsolete [single]"
Fake Pockets - "Shut It Out" from "Reverie"
The Williamsboy - "Yo' Mama" from "Coming Home"
Chitinous Mandible - "Summertime Drive" from "Chitinous Mandible"
Above The Moon - "Good Old Friend" from "Mine Again"
Hello Whirled - "Sure Self" from "Live On Grott Ones"
The Anderson Council - "Times On Thames" from "The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon"
Arlan Feiles - "I Can't Make It Alone" from "Blame Me"
Cranston Dean - "Finger Nail Moon" from "Northern Town"
Squirrel - "Share The Moon" from "Share The Moon [single]"
Baron Praxis - "Little Skeletons" from "Ecodial"
Mic TV - "Elevator/Escalator" from "New Circulars"
Joey Biondi - "Bronagh's Lullaby" from "Bronagh's Lullaby [single]"
4:44 - "hometown" from "don't forget about love"
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