Broadcast live on our station 5/16/23 @ 7pm

girlhouse - "gen x boyfriend!" from "the fourth ep"
M.A.G.S. - "SINS" from "SINS [single]"
The Salt Collective - "The Pebble In My Hand (feat. Peter Holsapple)" from "Life"
Trevor Keith - "What Keeps Me Up Now" from "What Keeps Me Up Now [single]"
Tim O'Brien - "Bear" from "Bear [single]"
Ben Reel - "Hardwired Blues" from "Hardwired Blues [single]"
Bokani Dyer - "Move On" from "Radio Sechaba"
Tony Allen, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad - "Don't Believe The Dancers" from "Tony Allen JID018"
Sadie Jean - "Just Because" from "Just Because [single]"
The Sounds Of Settling - "Burnt Out" from "Burnt Out [single]"
Dave Hause - "Damn Personal" from "Drive It Like It's Stolen"
Panchiko - "Gwen Everest" from "Failed at Math(s)"
Easy Dreams - "Enough is Enough" from "Sunformer"
Neil Howell - "The Fisher King" from "The Wasteland"
Sam Zalta - "Sam Zalta's "America"" from "Memento Mori"
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