Broadcast live on our station 5/8/23 @ 7pm

Vincent Brue - "I Ain't Scared Of You Motherfuckers" from "VB"
J Thoubbs - "The Grateful Riker Island Paradise Express" from "Ultimate Mixtape Volume 4"
Bruce Tunkel - "All I Gotta Do" from "sixtyandthensome"
LIVIA - "Unfind You" from "Unfind You [single]"
Katye Kellye and The Interruption - "Bad Thing" from "Bad Thing [single]"
Tula Vera - "I Hurt You" from "I Hurt You [single]"
Wiser Time - "Hanging Around" from "All Fired up [EP]"
Jag One - "Another Year in Retrospect" from "Location is Everything"
Out of Service - "Serenity Now" from "Reflections & Refractions"
Hello Whirled - "Fate Fades In And Out" from "Fate Fades In And Out"
Shadow Banned - "Closed Doors" from "Come Dancin' Demo"
Losing Streak - "Refer To Your Friends As Slugs" from "Refer To Your Friends As Slugs [single]"
Bad News for Birds - "Good Morning" from "Good Morning [single]"
boxset - "piano" from "hunt"
Think Twice - "Gazes" from "Bridges EP"
Bamberdost - "List Of Things I'll Probably Never Do (Live)" from "Live @ Tierney's 4/29/23 Unplugged"
Disruptive Meditation - "Just Another Kid" from "Just Another Kid"
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