Broadcast live on our station 5/1/23 @ 7pm

Spring State - "Hell Hole By The Sea" from "Marigolds EP"
Disruptive Meditation - "Fuck Off" from "Basement Recordings (re-recorded)"
Flycatcher - "Sodas" from "Stunt [EP]"
Pillowinde - "breakup" from "Jets to Brunswick"
The Successful Failures - "Kids From Queens" from "Wrong Together"
Reese Van Riper - "I'm on Fire" from "Saints"
Southpaw - "Three More Hours" from "Three More Hours [single]"
Terra Filia - "Don't Look Back" from "Space"
Jonathan Tea - "Never Give Up On Us" from "Never Give Up On Us [single]"
crowded shoulders - "The Candle" from "The Place Where Songs Are Born"
The Gaslight Anthem - "Positive Charge" from "Positive Charge [single]"
Dinosaur Eyelids - "Further" from "The Last Beard: Dinosaur Eyelids Live at the Court Tavern"
decks - "chlorophyll" from "learning to lose"
Connor Russell - "Wayside" from "Betty Live at Black Box 4/19/23"
Mike Herz - "Nuclear Family" from "Painting Over Paintings"
Jason Didner - "Virtual Troubadour (Acoustic)" from "Virtual Troubadour (Acoustic) [single]"
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