Broadcast live on our station 4/25/23 @ 7pm

Militarie Gun - "Very High" from "Life Under The Gun"
Rancid - "Tomorrow Never Comes" from "Tomorrow Never Comes"
Iguana Death Cult - "Oh No" from "Echo Palace"
Grace Morrison - "Broken Things" from "Maybe Modern"
Fenne Lily - "Dawncolored Horse" from "Big Picture"
Esther Rose - "Levee Song" from "Safe To Run"
Glorious Bankrobbers - "Up To You" from "Back on the Road"
Tanlines - "The Big Mess" from "The Big Mess"
Robbie Fulks - "Let The Old Dog In" from "Bluegrass Vacation"
Frenzal Rhomb - "Finally I Can Get Arrested In This Town" from "The Cup of Pestilence"
Louise Post - "Guilty" from "Sleepwalker"
E.R.I.E. - "Can't Stop Runnin'" from "Suburban Mayhem"
Girl Ray - "Hold Tight" from "Prestige"
Nicholas Allbrook - "Jackie" from "Manganese"
Mehro - "Monster" from "Dark Corners & Alchemy"
The Tallest Man On Earth - "Major League" from "Henry St."
George Clanton - "I Been Young" from "I Been Young [single]"
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