Broadcast live on our station 4/24/23 @ 7pm

Blue Daze August - "Lamdan Lane" from "LP"
Scream Queen - "Bloodsuckers" from "Scream Queen EP"
Unlettered - "D>B>H" from "New Egypt"
Jospeh Alton Miller - "Louise, Can You See Anna?" from "Louise, Can You See Anna? [single]"
Blood Roses - "Selfish" from "Desolator"
9fm - "Lesson Learned" from "Lesson Learned [single]"
Joey Biondi - "What Happened To You, Judy?" from "What Happened To You, Judy? [single]"
Eddie Skuller - "Heaven [Talking Heads cover]" from "Heaven [single]"
Jag One - "Eternity" from "Location is Everything"
Fuzzy Navel - "Bomb Shelter Rag" from "King of the Suburbs"
JV Team - "The Great Before" from "The Great Before"
REMO - "Hey It's Me" from "Hey It's Me [single]"
Barney & Ralphy - "Ospreys" from "So Many Dead Birds"
Hakken-Kraks - "Meanderthals" from "Rosebud"
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